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These Boots Are Made For Street Walkin'

4.8/5 Stars
Featuring: Candy Manson and Levi Cash
Date: 02/18/2022
Duration: 31:27 min.
So you're an ordinary dude and your license has been suspended and now you are stuck riding public transportation. You're waiting for the bus to show up so you can go and visit your girlfriend who doesn't even have the courtesy to come and pick you up. Well, someone DOES want to pick you up..Candy Manson does. In fact, this busty bitch wants you to abandon your post at the bust stop and come back to her place for some afternoon delight. This chick is smokin' hot and her huge hooters are practically coming out of her dress..what does she want with an average Joe like you? What's the catch? The catch is that this bitch gets paid so you can get laid. That's right..she's a BIG TIT HOOKER and you can be her next trick for a low fee of $200. According to Candy, she is the, "best, little cocksucker in town," and she takes you home so she can prove it. Candy sucks cock for about 15 minutes, because when someone says they are the BEST cocksucker it takes some time to demonstrate. Then she bends herself in every position so she can get dicked down as hard as possible. Then she asks to be coated in nut juice because that's how dirty girls like to moisturize their knockers.

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